Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout My Best Friend

Blog from 2015: To appreciate this story fully – I have to take you back a bit in time. So, last year in June of 2013 I took on the full time job of Miss Iowa. Jenn Cady Photography This job did include big hair, wearing earrings the size of my face, and walking in high heels for extended periods of time. However, when I look back at my year in this position I don’t think about the scary feelings of watching my name and face blown up in world news as “Disabled Woman To Attend Miss America,” or the hundreds of hours I spent alone in a car driving across the state to make appearances, or the constant pressure to look and act a certain way. Perception verses reality is currently my favorite co

Repercussions of Assuming

Blog post from 2015: This summer I had the opportunity to live in Boston and nanny my favorite child actor, Alex Dreier, as he was working on the Pre- Broadway run of the new musical Finding Neverland. With the approach of these boys heading into the opening of this show on Broadway in just a few short weeks I find that my heart is aching for a “Pre- Miss Iowa Nikki time.” This has got me thinking….. In front of American Repertory Theater for Finding Neverland, Summer 2014 My favorite moment from Miss America’s final night: Hugging my boy Alex! There are two things I remember about my very first day of high school: First, I remember meeting my good friend and fellow dance team member Abby Kl


A blog I wrote in 2015: I am a processor. “Hey computer, are you done processing yet?” Is a phrase often used from close friends and family when it comes time for me to talk about my feelings. I find I am a person who takes in information, dwells on it for some time, talks out possible solutions with those close to me, processes some more, and then finally am able to share the contents of what I have been thinking/feeling. My job is to use my words to give ideas and thoughts power so I often find myself frustrated when I can’t pinpoint what I am thinking/feeling in real time with complete accuracy. So I’ve been processing. I’ve chosen to pursue myself as a business and livelihood. Does this


My #WCW goes out to my girl Ashley who lives with FOP. She has the brightest outlook on life and I love our friendship. Learn more about Ashley here:

New Lighting Equipment!

I got a new light to take photos with my iphone! I am having so much fun getting dressed up and playing photoshoot with myself and friends. Check it out:

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