Repercussions of Assuming

Blog post from 2015:

This summer I had the opportunity to live in Boston and nanny my favorite child actor, Alex Dreier, as he was working on the Pre- Broadway run of the new musical Finding Neverland. With the approach of these boys heading into the opening of this show on Broadway in just a few short weeks I find that my heart is aching for a “Pre- Miss Iowa Nikki time.” This has got me thinking…..

nicole kelly, Diversity speaker, finding neverland

In front of American Repertory Theater for Finding Neverland, Summer 2014

Nicole Kelly, Alex Dreier, Miss Iowa, Miss America, Diversity Speaker

My favorite moment from Miss America’s final night: Hugging my boy Alex!

There are two things I remember about my very first day of high school:

First, I remember meeting my good friend and fellow dance team member Abby Kline in the band room before school so we could face the wild and unknown hallways together.

And second, my new long- winded history teacher (who happened to be the opposite of new to the school just new to the incoming freshmen) introducing himself to us by writing the word “ASSUME” on the chalk (Yes, chalk) board and proudly announcing, “Welcome to high school. Never assuming anything here. It will only make an “ASS” out of “U” and “ME.”” Maybe this memory sticks because a teacher said ASS regardless, I remember leaving his class with a new found sense of the concept of “expectation.”