National Disability Theatre

I am proud to announce that I am an Advisory Company Member for the National Disability Theatre.

National Disability Theatre is a professional theatre company employing only professionals with disabilities to create fully accessible, live, world-class theatre and storytelling; changing social policy and the nation's narrative about what people with disabilities can do; and providing a guiding model in audience accessibility for the arts and culture sector.

  1. Show that a large professional theatre company can be run entirely by people with disabilities.

  2. Radically transform theatrical practices by telling stories through a lens of disability culture.

  3. Lead the nation in inclusion, representation, and access with support from the top leaders in disability and entertainment.

  4. Powerfully spark greater inclusion for people with disabilities in other economic sectors.


A company producing large scale professional work run entirely by people with disabilities will show the world that our differences really are our strengths. We will impact industries beyond our own, demonstrating that people with disabilities can efficiently and productively undertake professional work at the highest level, and that accessibility is not only right – but also profitable.

Our performances will be 100% accessible, following the practices of The Kennedy Center and VSA’s LEAD Conference, and will serve as a guiding model for other arts and culture organizations.'

20% of the American population has a disability. This makes people with disabilities both the largest minority group in the United States and also the least represented. Access not only affects this population's ability to participate in arts and culture, but also that of their spouses and families. That is a huge percentage of the American population that until now has not felt very comfortable or welcomed attending the arts.

Currently 95% of disabled characters are played by non-disabled actors.